The different ministries of Destiny are the life's blood of the ministry itself. Our people who devote their time, talent, and treasury are dedicated to making a difference not only in our community but around the world. Our different ministries are quite often in need of volunteers and people who are ready and willing to serve those around them. On the right you will find buttons leading to the different areas of ministry our church offers. We encourage you to browse through them and get to know the different areas of ministry and their leaders.

Worship Arts

The worship and arts ministry at Destiny aims to create. To create an atmosphere that is charged with the manifest presence of God causing people to experience a love and a freedom like never before and to create a sound, not of perfection, but one that echoes heavens desire to see chains broken, burdens lifted and lives changed. We are that sound…His sound in the earth!

Prevail Student Ministries

Prevail Student Ministries is the youth ministry of Destiny People Worship Center and is under the leadership of Blas and Kim Rivera. Prevail is driven to provide an engaging and welcoming atmosphere for students so that they may connect. The mission of PSM is to build the Kingdom of God with teenagers that are deeply rooted in Jesus and PREVAIL with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Destiny Kids

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way they should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it". It is our desire to not only prepare our children for a lifetime of Kingdom service, but also equip them to be effectve in dealing with daily obstacles at each level of spiritual growth. We believe that by presenting the Word of God to children in exciting and innovative ways, and by leading them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we can train a generation in the way it should go.
Furthermore, it is our objective to not only teach children about ministry, but also allow them to become involved in helping the ministry by serving others. In doing so, we can provide children the opportunity to see that they can make a difference NOW for the Kingdom of God!
Jesus said in Matthew 18:1-2 that Children are our examples of Humility and how to enter the Kingdom of God. If we are seeking to know the heart of God-, we need to understand that one thing he cares about is children. Jesus raised a little girl from the dead ( Matt 9:23 ) and cast demons out of a man's son ( Mark 9:14-27 ). And, when the disciples thought that he was too busy to bless the children ( Mark 10:3 ), He became angry and instead Jesus took them in his arms and blessed them. If the heart of God is what we are after, one area of ministry we need to understand is that to children.

Media Department

The media department at Destiny believes in, and is dedicated to creating a distraction free atmosphere that is conducive to allowing the spirit of God to move in people’s lives. We believe God will only move in our lives as much as we as believers allow him to. With that in mind, our heart is that God will move in each and every life, every service, changing people from the inside out. Seeing words to a song on a screen does much more than just let everyone know what to sing, it provides an opportunity for each of us to sing to our God with One Voice and One Purpose and that is to lift up the name of our God.

Prayer Requests

This ministry is dedicated to those who are in need of prayer. No matter how big or how small every prayer request is important. We are here to touch and agree with you on anything. Matthew 18:19 "Message" When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes in to action. So lets put Heaven in to action and PRAY!!!