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Destiny People Worship Center
7445 S. State Rd. 121
Macclenny, Florida 32063
(904) 259-9780

Driving directions: Take 121 South, 2 miles south of I-10. We will be on your left hand side, just past the Northeast Florida State Hospital.
The D-Path are classes designed to help our guests understand the vision and mission of Destiny as it relates to them and the expansion of the Kingdom of God. These four classes are offered to help people get established in the family at Destiny as they discover their gifts and purpose. The classes are referred to by number as D1, D2, D3 and D4 with each covering different topics. They are cyclical beginning with D1 and ending with D4 and take place each month on Saturday evenings at 5:00 p.m. D1 takes place the first Saturday of the month and the rest follow in numeric order each month. The class format is designed so that if you miss a class one month you can make it up the next!

D1 – Pizza with the Pastor’s

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(Vision of Destiny & Spiritual Gifts Assessment)

At Pizza with the Pastors you will learn the vision and mission of the church from one of our Pastors. You will also learn how to explain why you are a Disciple of Christ and not a Hindu, Muslim or any other belief. You will also hear why God leaves us here & what He wants each of us individually to do.

D2 - Foundations

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(What We Believe)

This class overviews our Doctrinal beliefs as a Church.

D3 - Essentials

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(Christian Lifestyle, Passion & Interest Survey)

In this class we explore the life of a Disciple of Christ and how it connects with Kingdom purpose. You will be given a Passion & Interest Survey as well as discuss how to maintain our passion for Christ and His purpose in Kingdom advancement.

D4 - Engage

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(Being A Part)

Students will learn how to be a part of moving the vision of Destiny forward.
Together we will take a look at how your gifting and passions relate to what God is doing through the ministries and outreaches of Destiny.