May Newsletter

The Hunger Contagion
For the past several weeks I have been teaching on Thursday nights at our Jacksonville Campus on the “Hunger Contagion”.
The Hunger Contagion
For the past several weeks I have been teaching on Thursday nights at our Jacksonville Campus on the “Hunger Contagion”. It has proven to be a very rich and inspiring series which in turn has created much dialogue. When contemplating on what the Father would have for this month’s newsletter, I felt impressed to share, in print, what He has been inspiring me to release in this teaching.Hunger is a powerful thing. It can drive someone to do a number of different things to satisfy it. In Genesis 25, we read where hunger compels Esau to sell his birth right. In 1 Kings 17, hunger drives a widow woman to do the unthinkable, to give her last bit of food for her son and herself to a complete stranger, in hope of a miracle. In 2 Kings 6,3 the hunger is so severe that Israel is reduced to eating donkey heads and doves dung. Hunger can drive you to do things you never thought possible.
In each of these scenarios though, the hunger that is referenced, is natural hunger for physical food. The biological function of the central nervous system of the body, whereby tiny transmissions of information occur between the stomach and the brain causing the thought to reach your consciousness, that nourishment is necessary. A powerful series of nerve highways that relay information to one another making sure to guarantee that life is sustained. Yet, again this is all natural, physical, the flesh. How much more does the spirit hunger for spiritual nourishment, yet in many circumstances, it goes days, months and even for some a lifetime neglected… malnourished. We are taught in the natural to recognize hunger pains and how to take care of them, but who has taught us to recognize the spiritual hunger pains so that they might be met as well? What church has classes teaching people spiritual hunger recognition? Yet in Matthew 5:6, Jesus makes this statement during His sermon on the mount, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled” but how Jesus?
We must begin in John 3:3 to further explore this thought. In the third chapter of John, the revelator, records the private conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus over the subject of where His (Jesus) power comes from. Jesus explains that in order for someone to perceive or understand the Kingdom (where His power comes from) that they must be born again (born again accurately translated here means to be rejuvenated from above). Nicodemus then asks Jesus how can a grown man re-enter his mother’s womb? To which Jesus expresses the spiritual connection with the physical metaphor. With this mental image let us explore the life of an infant. When someone has a baby they do not wait for the baby to scream bloody murder before they nourish it. No as soon as they can, they begin bottle feeding or the mother begins nursing the baby. Why… because up until the birthing moment nourishment was constantly present for the growing baby. The baby is now unaware of a need that exists inside of them. It is now up to the mature, grown up, and educated medical staff and parents of the child to begin to foster the hunger and physical development of the child. The hunger and what to do about it is taught through regular nourishment of the baby. The parents feed the child in intervals until a level of maturity is reached where in the child can recognize its own hunger pains and then can do something about it. Even after this takes place however the way the child takes care of the hunger is by expressing the need to the parent, traditionally through crying or extreme irritability. It is still the responsibility of the parent to nurture that child even though God is the one who gave them life!
Webster defines the word contagion as an influence that spreads rapidly. The problem is that the Spirit is not what is being spread in regard to the hunger that Jesus references in Matthew 5:6. No, what is being spread is the disease of religion that wants to quarantine everything and everyone to protect “the well” from “the sick” as opposed to doing what Jesus did through the power of the Spirit which was to eradicate the disease or sickness all together. We are so busy separating ourselves from the contaminants of this world that we are no longer concerned with the hunger and the thirst and how to spread it….. quite the contrary we just want to stay well and not get sick!!
The way out of this rut is through daily bombardment by our spirit to our flesh in the form of intentional action. We do this by surrounding ourselves with spiritual things: praise, prayer, worship, biblical study, and daily spiritual feedings, which include the practices of all of these elements, as well as, weekly visits to our spiritual parents, mentors, the spiritually mature, spiritual primary care physicians, etc., all of which can be found in the ecclesia (the church). When you find yourself saying, “prayer what’s the use”??... or “I just don’t have time to pray”… or “I’ll go to church next week”…. or “God knows my heart”…. Or “I just don’t get anything out of the bible when I read it” ; you are spiritually malnourished and are in desperate need of a “Spiritual IV” (i.e.: spiritual intervention).

How can we reach a region with a hunger that they don’t know about when we have forgotten about it ourselves? Instead of being consumed with going to, heaven, let’s be hungry enough to experience heaven on earth. When you are hungry, it is easy to generate hunger in others by cooking up a meal whose aroma induces hunger in those who once thought that they were okay just the way they were!
Maximize this Pentecost month by giving place to your spiritual hunger… daily!
I am asking you to do so by joining me in a 14 day fast beginning on Monday May 6 to go through Sunday May 19. Fourteen is the number for salvation and deliverance and I for one believe that both are necessary and applicable for the Hunger Contagion to once again be rooted within us.

Love you much Destiny!
Be the Roar,