June Newsletter

Living on purpose: Sustaining your Vision!

Well it’s summer time! We are already six months into 2013 and the time of year that every school age child looks forward to has finally arrived.
Living on purpose: Sustaining your Vision!

Well it’s summer time! We are already six months into 2013 and the time of year that every school age child looks forward to has finally arrived. No more school books, homework, classrooms, or tardy bells for the next 2 and a half months. As I reflect on this season I find myself getting bogged down in the awareness that we are already six months into this “New Year”. It seems like a few short weeks ago that we were taking down the Christmas tree and greeting one another with the all too familiar phrase, Happy New Year!! The time of year where we looked back no longer with rose colored glasses on the previous years and made statements like, “this year is going to be different! I am going to lose this weight this year! I am going back to the gym and get this body back into shape! I am getting in this closet and bring some order to this mess that I am tired of looking at year after year. I am getting back into church, our family is falling apart and we need God once again”! We make many of those statements and mean every word of it. Our desire to accomplish those things is 100% sincere, yet most times than not we find ourselves greeting June with an expired gym membership, all that weight that we wanted to lose still right there, the closet…. well we just don’t go in there, and church… well everyone just needs to understand that life is just too busy and Sundays are the only days that I can get everything done! Many times we get here and instead of regrouping and getting back to our plan we look to a vacation as the remedy to all our woes. “I just need some time off”, you say to yourself. “Let me get my toes in the sand for a week or two and I’ll feel better”. You tell yourself this but, the problem resurfaces on day two after you return home from your vacation and the feeling returns with a vengeance and you find yourself now looking forward to your next “vacation”. This cyclical pattern of behavior is robbing you of your joy and causing you to merely endure life and not live it, with fulfillment and delight. We must not just desire change, but instead gain a vision for how change needs to be implemented.

Proverbs 29:18 is one of the most famous scriptures on vision in the whole of the bible. It states that where there is no vision that people perish. The new international version says it like this, where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint. In the middle 1800’s, a group of physicists made a discovery after studying energy, that they named the second law of thermodynamics and is considered to be a basic part of nature. This law states that entropy, a degree of disorder in a system, is built into the frame work of nature. The law basically states that when left to itself everything will bend or gravitate toward disorder and chaos. In the subdivision where I live there is a relatively nice house with a landscaped yard which consists of several different styles of shrubbery, it also has a sprinkler system and many other outdoor amenities. The problem is that no one lives there or has lived there in a couple of years. The shrubs are overgrown, the grass is now over run with weeds, and everything that was right about the house is now out of order and chaotic. Why? Because no one is there to care for it… it has been left to itself. Therefore because of this natural law, everything has naturally moved toward chaos and disorder. No one had to go by the yard and plant weeds, they grew naturally. No one had to fertilize the thorns that began to grow because they don’t require care to flourish, they merely need opportunity. It is because of this law that from the very beginning God had a plan (a vision). In Genesis 2:5 Moses states that there was no shrub or plant of the field on the earth yet because there was no man to work the ground. There was no one to implement the vision therefore there was no growth. When we refuse for one reason or another to work toward a desired goal we will never wind up where we want to be. We will however consistently be frustrated and live a life marked by disappointment feeling unfulfilled in most areas of our lives. We will cope with this dilemma by consistently looking for distractions to “take our minds off it all” but never reach pure joy because we lack vision.

Habakkuk 2:1-3 is another famous area of scripture regarding vision. It states, I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint.2 Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation (vision) and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. 3 For the revelation (vision) awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. Our pursuit toward the God purposes of our lives is paramount for our life’s success. The vision or revelation is for me to keep before myself daily, and work toward it. When I find myself slipping, for whatever reason, I must go back and reclaim my recollection of that vision/revelation and then get back to working toward it. If that vision includes shedding a few pounds then when I slip up and eat that cheesecake I don’t grovel in my error… No! On the contrary, I begin with my next meal to once again eat properly and more health conscious. The moment I realize my present course and where I am vs. where I want to be then I must chose to reclaim the vision and begin working toward it again. Write it down and daily reference it. If I find this becoming more and more of my mental pattern, then I will ultimately overthrow the portion of my make up bent toward entropy once and for all. Because I am giving place to the plan and purpose of God for my life as opposed to letting life just happen to me or around me. I will find my life being one of purpose not one of randomness.

Choose today at the midpoint in this year to reclaim your purpose! Decide to get your vision squared away by hearing the Father for your life and living each day in direct correlation with what He says vs. how you feel. Living life on purpose involves daily reminding yourself of His vision for you as opposed to the one you have for yourself. When this becomes the rhythm of your life you will find success and fulfillment coming more often and disappointment and the feeling of frustration getting farther and farther away from your present reality. Jesus tells us to daily take up His cross and follow Him in Matthew 16:24. His cross is His purpose for our lives. Gaining His vision for your life and following it daily will produce such a level of living that you will find yourself beginning to desire it. Decide today that you will no longer allow entropy to govern your life by giving voice to the vision of God for your life. Reclaim your purpose and determination to see His vision come through to its completion in your life. In other words get back to the gym, develop and eating plan, take a day to work on that closet….. and last but definitely not least, get back to church!!!! Whatever vision you have abandoned for one reason or another reclaim it, Now!

Much Love,