January Newsletter

Stay in your Lane
Happy New Year everyone! As we enter this New Year there are some very important things to remember when moving forward in our destiny. So many times we enter a New Year with resolutions and goals the likes of which rarely make it past the end of February. We look back at the previous year and based on what we know and see from there we make decisions which we feel are the best for our forward momentum. The biggest problem with this system of thought is that it is entirely based on our peripheral view of things, not from the future or desired goal. When the basis for our decisions comes from here (the past or current view) we tend to make “lane adjustment” decisions. We asses our present position and then measure it according to our definition or feeling of success. We then traditionally decide on a lane change of some kind, or even worse, we give place to a feeling of being stuck where we are and then begin to dream of a lane change which promotes an even greater feeling of hopelessness and frustration. This train of thought only ends in depression and further reinforcement of the feeling of being on a dead end street. 
When I was a kid I used to run track. I ran the 400 medley relay and thoroughly enjoyed the run. This experience has always made me a fan of the summer Olympic Games. As you are aware this past summer we had the opportunity to share in this incredible experience as we watched our nation and others compete in the XXX Olympiad in London. While watching the track and field portion of the games the Father spoke very powerfully to me during the 400 meter run. As most of you should be aware each runner is given a lane assignment. The athlete assigned to a lane is not permitted to leave their respective lane for any reason. Leaving or getting outside their lane results in immediate disqualification. Once assigned their lane each runner lines up according to their lane assignment. This assignment determines where each runner will start from. As the runners take their place and assume their mark there is a seemingly large advantage given to the runner who lines up in the outside lane. These runners have an approximate 68.94 meter advantage as compared to the runner who lines up on the inside lane. Why would such an unfair advantage be permitted? Well that is obviously the view and perspective of someone who does not understand the race or physics for that matter. You see because the track is 400 meters long it is built in a rectangular shaped oval. Because of this design each outside lane takes the runner beyond the 400 meter mark. So that each runner only runs 400 meters they stagger their starting point to guarantee fairness. Did you catch that? To guarantee that the race is fair there are advantages given to certain runners. If we straightened the track and kept the runners right where they were the track would straighten to a dead even beginning point but because the track is more round the starting lines vary. Every runner in the 400 meter dash runs exactly 400 meters. No more and no less! 
You see we all have a lane assignment given to us by the Father. We are called to stay in our lane. Getting out of our lane causes us to be disqualified from accomplishing our life’s purpose (not the love of the Father), but the powerful component of grace enables us to re-enter our lane even if we have temporarily gotten “off track”! When beginning a new year (new race), we can many times become distracted by what we see. It can appear that some people are given unfair advantages that are not afforded to us. We often times complain to the line judge (God) that this is not fair and that we need a lane change/adjustment so that we can accomplish our life’s purpose. We then contest that if we were given the starting point of someone else (based on our peripheral view) that our success would be assured. The problem with this imagery is that it is all wrapped up in our view or vantage point. We look back from our inside lane assignment and see no one behind us! Why? Because from our perspective we are starting last! We see everyone ahead of us, out front, and we are where we always are, dead last. This view creates thoughts and statements like, “well sure I could win if I was like so and so who always starts first or who has this or that, or get’s a break”. When we have this view we miss the purpose of the race and our lane assignment all together. We have been given a lane because we are a runner and runners run with all that they are every time the starting pistol sounds! 
So this year, in 2013, let’s begin by not looking at anything but our lane assignment and the fact that we have, with the lane assignment, an opportunity to run the race and not just finish but win! 2013 will be the year of the winners! For those who chose to stay in their lane and not be distracted there will be many victories surrounded by great celebration and even feelings of accomplishments, but it will only come to those who run with all that they have and stay in their lane! 
Much Love,  
Stay in your lane!